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The redefinition of textile, usage of environmentally & friendly materials, Greek tradition and the artistic inspiration are the basics elements of Philomela identity, creating the best framework for implementing good practices.
The company’s products are characterized by an abstract and also contemporary style where traditional patterns with modern motives are influenced by the Greek nature and tradition.
Philomela’s clothing and accessories line is entirely hand made and original
designs as well. The quality and femininity which exudes the linen, cotton, silk and wool materials which are exclusively used, represent the diversity that outline each one as a unique and numbered piece of our collection.

In Roman literature, Ovid in his Metamorphoses recounts the terrible tale of Philomela, princess of Athens and the younger of two daughters of
Pandion I, King of Athens, who was raped and her tongue cut out so that
she could not tell about her violation.
Her loom becomes her voice, and the story is told in the design, so that her
sister Procne may understand and the women may take their revenge.
While the myth has several variations, the general depiction is that
Philomela, after being raped and mutilated by her sister’s husband, Tereus, obtains her revenge and is transformed into a nightingale.